Lady confronts baby daddy for buying food for one child and not for others by other men

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In a viral video, a woman confronts her baby daddy for only buying food for their shared child, even though she has three other children.

The displeased mother is heard complaining at the beginning of the popular video about how her child's father just delivers food for the child they have together rather than bringing meals for all of her children.

She then threatened to make him public so that everyone could see what a terrible father he was.

She anticipated that her baby daddy would only bring one pack of hamburgers and a drink for his child when he pulled up in his car, so she didn't take it lightly.

She instantly confronted him for just buying food for his child and not enough for all her children.

In her opinion, her other kids often feel left out if he sends food for just his child, which is totally wrong and inconsiderate of him.

She had many children with other men, but her baby daddy insisted that he only had a responsibility to care for his child.

He added that it is her obligation, not his, to look after her other children.

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