Media personality insists wife must get PVC or no SEX, wife responds

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Nigerian television star Temi has issued a “no PVC, no sex or cuddle” instruction to his wife, Demure.

Ahead of the 2023 elections, various firms and religious groups have instated new policies to encourage their personnel and members to receive their Permanent Voters Card (PVC) (PVC).

Recall that a law company in Anambra state announced a “No PVC, no salary” policy to its staff, while a Catholic church likewise delivered a directive that only members with PVCs should be allowed into the church.

Temi brought the policy to his home, as seen in a video he uploaded on his Instagram page on Wednesday, June 15.

The talent manager advised his lovely wife, who looks not have a voters card that there are no more “knacks” for her until she obtains her PVC.

Surprisingly, the mum of one struck back at him and said she would acquire a vibrator to satiate her sexual cravings if he didn’t succumb to her demands.

Temi posted the clip and stated, “No PVC, No Nacks or cuddles. We must all come together and make this country great again.”

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