Nigerian clergy heals man of cancer, gets a private jet as gift

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Gbenga Wemimo, a Nigerian evangelist, said on Twitter about receiving a private jet from a guy he healed of a leg cancer.

The minister revealed that he had met the man on Friday, July 15, at Gatwick Airport in England and had cured him of the ailment that had forced him to use a wheelchair.

The man reportedly gave him a private plane to help with his missionary work as a token of gratitude for the cure.

Gbenga Wemimo
Gbenga Wemimo

He wrote, “I ordered my first private jet yesterday. It will take two years to be built and delivered because I wanted it to be brand new.

PS: Before you start crying “Pastors this, Pastors that”, note that I didn’t buy it with my money; I was encouraged to order it by a man I healed at the Gatwick Airport yesterday.

It all happened in a jiffy, and as this man was healed of cancer in his leg (he was raised from a wheelchair), He said, “You need to be able to reach the world in real-time and not wait here at the airport while your flight is delayed for hours.”

Gbenga Wemimo noted that he never envisaged it, and it was just a gift for him to reach out to the world through the gospel and to do so with ease of movement.

He also narrated the challenges he faced even from his father, who had sent him to a private university in Nigeria.

“When I had my First crusade at Ojota in 2018, my biological father saw the pictures on Facebook, and the stinker he sent to me was legendary. He said, “I paid millions to put you through Bowen University, and you have chosen to throw it all away by carrying the Bible and microphone like a beggar?

The words were like strokes of a cane on my back, but I had seen my future in Christ in 2007, and I knew the time would convince the world that obeying the Lord is the smartest move for any man,” he stated.

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