Nigerian Pastor attacks young men who jilt ladies in church

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The general overseer of Omega Fire Ministries International, Apostle Johnson Suleman, a well-known Nigerian pastor, has blasted males who go to the altar to plead to God after jilting and making women cry.

Apostle Suleman, 50, addressed them at a recent sermon at his church, and a video of the speech is now spreading on social media.

Apostle Suleman stated, "Stop breaking peoples hearts. Stop making people regret knowing you. Stop making people remember you, and they are in tears. Because of your character, you have closed the door for every other person.

"Nobody wants to trust any other person. If all you did in somebody's life is to make the person start suspecting others, you will pay.

"Do you know why? The blessings others would have had that you hindered, God will make sure you pay for it.

"If anyone is crying because of you, you will cry. You come to the altar, and you are praying when the person you hurt is alive. You have not gone to apologise, but you are coming to pray. My friend, get out of that altar. You broke a girl's heart. You promised her marriage. She is still alive. She is still breathing.

"Then you are going to cry to God that your own marriage now you don't have children, you don't this or that. God says, why will you have children when you made somebody else's child cry. God and apologise to that person first before you come back to pray."

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