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Politics in Big Brother Africa (The real deal)

  • The actual way to get in

By Vanessa Enofe

BIG-BROTHER-AFRICA1I have thoroughly considered ordinarily and over about what’s occurring in BBA. Despite the fact that numerous individuals watched and few did not perceive that there are  few politics in BBA.

The most effective method to get into BBA?

Getting into BBA now is not as it began, just like Nigeria politics, you should have a godfather who knows the Big Brother Africa boss to get you in. Obviously you need to go through the screening, however Jesus Christ knows his people.

Dillish and Maria were close companions before BBA program. According to the information gathered, Maria Nepembe who is a radio presenter and a model filled BBA form for her companion, Dillish Mathew.

Shockingly, just like politics, both of them were picked as housemates. How lucky is that?

When Dillish was questioned in a video interview where she answered questions from twitter after the program, if she was going to share her prize with anyone, she confessed that since Maria  filled  the BBA form for her, she gave her something. Obviously, this was an agreement  reached before  the game began.  IT was a completely planned deceit.

Then again, Beverly admitted to the fact that, she wasn’t a fanatic of BBA. Yet she knew Denrele Edun, who was a close companion to Late Goldie (An ex contender of BBA) and she ended up as a housemate as well.

A few Nigerians who deduced that the  CHESS GAME tweeted to Denrele Edun recently requesting that they were interested too, and might need him (Edun) to make it happen. This is to say that Denrele Edun, who is presently Beverly’s godfather fixed Beverly into BBA house.

There are numerous individuals who must have sincerely won the screening yet was totally sidelined because of the CHESS GAME.

In the final scene of the last BBA, every living soul whined that Mevin was robbed. Was Dillish expected to be the winner? Nigerians responded over the way the champ was gotten out, however BBA supervisor admitted that she’s worth the trouble. BBA is a reality show that enables all housemates to display their true identity.

BBA show has turn a program for stars. Everyone in BBA is not a regular individual  who hasn’t one way or the other made a step  in his/her life. They were all upcoming stars. Can someone who hasn’t made a name be in the reality  show?

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