Popular Teenage Influencer, Papaya, dragged for snatching a married yahoo boy

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Abike Arab, also known as Papaya, a popular Nigerian social media influencer, is currently trending on social media for the wrong reason.

In a video that has since gone viral across all platforms, Papaya's ex was seen looking downcast as she was approached by an alleged wife of a man she is allegedly dating.

Abike Arab Papaya
Abike Arab Papaya

The enraged wife, who appeared to be the one filming the encounter, declared in Yoruba that she now had evidence to use against her Husband in her accusation that he was disloyal to her.

Shortly before the video finished, a man emerged from the shadows and asked the woman who was recording, "Are you stupid?"

According to Gistlover, Papaya forced her purported lover to kick out his legitimate wife, with whom he has a child, and the wife is currently pregnant with their second child.

They further accused him of being a scammer eluding the EFCC at the moment.

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