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Prophet Ajanaku is not dead – wife opens up

By Vanessa Enofe

It was a sad moment when the news of Prophet Elijah Aajanku spread everywhere until late. His death was marred with so much controversy following his association with popular gospel singer, Tope Alabi.

AJANAKUSurprisingly, his wife has open up that her husband is not dead. Some media earlier reported that the alleged man of God resurrected days after his death.

His wife, Joy Ajanaku has complicated the death of the man of God with the new claim that he is alive.

She blasted those who said her husband was dead as out of ignorance, saying they have no clue concerning spiritual being, and warned them not to say anything negative against men of God.

Her words “To those saying my husband is dead, I am telling them that they are talking out of ignorance. They are not spiritual and it is only spiritual people that will understand what is happening right away. It is a sin to say bad things against men of God and I am a living experience that he is not dead”

Another twist and confusing statement made by the prophet’s wife was when she said “whenever i call upon HIS God”

Joy warns members of the public never to referred to her husband as dead, and promised that they will know the truth at the appropriate time.

“Whenever I call upon his God, he answers me. A lot of people have lots of testimonies. So I am telling them not to ever refer to him as a dead Prophet Elijah Ireti Ajanaku.I leave them to God if they do that. At the appropriate time, they will know the truth about the whole issue”

She revealed that the man of God earlier said there was going to be commotion, and that the whole world will look for him.

“Even before this death rumour, I remembered he told the large congregation that he will cause commotion and the whole world will come to look for him. When it happened, we all knew my Daddy said so. This is the commotion he talked about but I know God will vindicate him.”


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