Side chicks are reasons why many married men are still in marriage - Relationship Expert, Says Blessing Okoro

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Blessing Okoro, a relationship expert, claims that side chicks are one of the main reasons most men stay married.

In an Instagram video, the relationship specialist and counsellor compared side women to spare tyres, claiming that they are the reason most marriages are still going strong.

She observed that similar to spare tyres, a side chick comes to a man's rescue till he fixes the primary tyres, i.e. when there's a problem in their home.

In her words, "Side chicks are one of the reasons many men still stay married. When your car breaks down, you have a spare tyre to manage until you fix the main tyre; imagine were no spare tyre.".

"Side chicks are one of the major reasons a lot of men still stay married…Focus on your marriages; leave the noise outside—married women and yet to be married Ladies, you don't want to miss this. If you like, stay in my comment session, and me fight your keypad. If you drop ur phones, reality will show you…learn", she added.

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