Stella Damasus added her own hair brand- Adiva hair

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Stella Damasus has added another line of business to the list of things she now owns, known as Adiva hair.

Her love for hair has propelled her into providing women who love style, class, glamour but also those who spend wisely, with a new brand of wigs. The wigs come in different lengths, colors, curls, volume and fitting according to the needs and taste of different women. They are easy to wear and remove whenever you want. Imagine having three different looks in a day and still have your natural hair breathing and resting from all the pulling from weaves and cornrows, and also relief from the constant perms to straighten the hair.

Now you can look like the stars you see on television without breaking your account as the wigs are ridiculously affordable, durable and easy to maintain.

Adiva hair also has a new brand of Afro puffy twist for braids. This is totally different from what ladies are used to seeing in the market. This
puffy hair is very soft and mild and won’t hurt the fingers of your braider, it’s very light and can last for as long as you want. They are all reusable and have the real dreadlock look but are twists. Adiva hair founder has designed new types of twists because of the puffy hair and some of them are the CABANA twist, the BAMI twist and the DREAD twist.

She launched it recently.

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