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Stella Damasus declares war against domestic violence on women

By Vanessa Enofe

Stella Damasus
Stella Damasus

Stella Dmasus, Nollywood actress, Project Alert Ambassador and Founder of Stella Damasus Arts Foundation has come out to challenge the increase in domestic violence on women.

This, she displayed through the picture she pasted on her twitter profile few minutes ago.

According to her “I wear orange because it is time to fight against this evil called DOMESTIC VIOLENCE that has taken away the lives and fundamental human rights of women and young girls”

You will remember that Stella Damasus has been on this journey and she had a fall out with Senator Yerima on video over the child marriage.

Read video fight between Stella Damasus and Senator Yerima : Child marriage: Stella Damasus, Sani Yerima clash on Al Jazeera

Watch This video – WHEN IS IT ENOUGH? A drama written by Stella Damasus relating to domestic violence.

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