What happened between me and and 'agbero' that ignited my boxing skills - Taiwo Hassan 'Ogogo'

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Popular Nollywood actor Taiwo "Ogogo" Hassan has shared the occasion of his altercation with a neighbourhood tout on his social media pages.

The seasoned actor chose to offer his side of the story to clear up any misunderstandings that might have arisen from recent videos making the rounds on social media showing him fighting with a tout.

He posted the video on his authentic Instagram page and wrote; Let me provide the truth, and my side of the story before bloggers write about it.

I was in my hometown of Ilaro for a project inspection when a group of unidentified men approached me for the customary appraisals such as, "We watch You," "part with cash," and "throughout our early years, we watched you.

I offered everything I had; as an actor, we hear these things all the time, but one of them dragged me by my agbada and demanded payment for something I couldn't afford. If you're an actor or entertainer, please stop harassing them.

Do you get paid for doing your job? No, it's also our job. When I asked him to leave, he responded, "Do your worse." When we offer anything, accept it.

As always, a boxer is a boxer.

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