Why I suffered Emotional Breakdown after getting married – Justin Beiber

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Justin Beiber, an American musician, has revealed that he had an emotional breakdown after discovering that marriage wouldn’t solve all of his problems.

In a recent interview with Apple Music’s Ebro Darden, the 28-year-old singer, who married his wife, Hailey, in 2018, revealed this.

He was emotionally down when he married Hailey, according to him, because the marriage didn’t fix the problems he believed it would.

“I remember when I first got married, I hit a little bit of an emotional breakdown because I thought marriage was going to fix all my problems, and it didn’t,” he explained.

He admitted that he felt like a hypocrite for asking his wife to perform “certain things” that he himself was not doing and that this caused him to rethink.

“You want your wife to do something that you’re not doing, and it’s like, it’s hard sometimes to look in the mirror and really have to realise, man, maybe you’re not the person that you necessarily thought that you were. And that’s just a result of trauma and life circumstances,” he added.

The “Baby” singer, who recently accepted Christ as his Savior, did say, however, that his relationship with God has helped him not to be too hard on himself.

“Just the idea that I’m forgiven and that he’s walking me through this journey and day by day, I get to just get better and better and not be too hard on myself,” he said.

He also encouraged others to have a relationship with God because life might be difficult at times, and they would need God’s help to get through it.

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