Woman lands in hospital after s*x toy got stuck in her vagina

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A woman has resorted to social media to share how a spontaneous “self-love session” nearly cost her life.

The woman, an Army officer known on TikTok as Alashawn, stated that she was brought to the hospital when a sex toy became lodged in her vagina, and she feared for her life.

She had been away from home for about a year, so she found a method to entertain herself by bringing the sext toy to her base.

On one of those days, though, she decided to shake things up a little and increase the toy’s speed.

She claimed that the sex gadget whisked her away to “heaven” in three to five seconds before she realized she couldn’t pull it out.

The sex object was retrieved from her body, and she was brought to the hospital.

“So basically, I am in the military; I’ve been away from home for almost a year. So for me being away from the home mean I’ve got to make it do what to do, which is why I bought that toy.

“The toy got like 10 different settings on it, so the first couple of things I use them like a lot of times so one day I just decided to just crack this whole what right quick.

I shouldn’t do that because level one, level two, it’d be sending me to heaven every single time. “I cranked that thing up to level six – it’s a different vibration with little suction things. I’m in heaven, and suddenly I realize I can’t get it out of me. I tried to pull the toy out, and it wouldn’t come out – the suction cup was not moving. I couldn’t get myself up because my body was so weak that I was on the floor. Next thing I know, I blacked out.” She said.

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