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Eat sugarcane moderately, nutritionist says

Sugarcane: nutritionist recommends moderate consumption

A nutritionist at the Wuse General Hospital in Nigeria’s capital of Abuja, Hajiya Jummai Abdul, has advised Nigerians to consume sugarcane regularly and moderately to ensure healthy living.

Jummai said regular intake of sugarcane increases glucose, a source of energy in the body.

Sugarcane, especially in syrup concentration, contains antioxidant, which prevents and repair oxidative damage by free radicals.

“It also has fewer calories than refined sugar and has no saturated fat, cholesterol or sodium. So, as you can see it is free from sodium, fat and cholesterol and all it has is calories,’’ the expert said.

Jummai also recommended sugarcane for people with heart-related problems because it contains `coenzyme Q-10′ that is used to treat coronary health issues, especially congestive heart problems. Sugarcane, she said also strengthens the stomach, kidneys, heart, eyes, brain and sex organs.

According to her, sugarcane helps to prevent prostate cancer, breast cancer and also helps reutilise, energize and hydrate the body after exercises.

“As we all know sugarcane has high concentration of glucose and it is a plant from the ancient side which is eaten at times like snacks, tasting and sweet.”

Jummai said that the health benefit of sugarcane consumption vary in women because it had high concentration of potassium, which served as gentle laxative in the body system.

“’We use sugarcane for many ailments and it clears the eyes, especially for those that have jaundice. Sugarcane also serves as a laxative and enhances digestion when a consumer’s sugar level was high.”

She, however, cautioned against excessive consumption of sugarcane, saying the sugar was not adulterated or refined.

The expert recommended moderate consumption of the plant, just as one takes water melon or pineapple.

She said that diabetic patients could enjoy sugarcane without any fear but that those with `Type-2 Diabetes’ should take it with caution.

Jummai also advised women, especially married women and younger girls, to take sugarcane because of the stimuli.

She stressed that sugarcane should be consumed moderately to prevent weight gain and Type-2 Diabetes.