I Choose To Relax

A lot of us think we know it all and have done it all because of who we have been, what we have been and where we have been. I am referring to those of us who believe that we are so intelligent, educated and talented; and  because of that, we feel that we can plan our lives, our future and even our purpose. We feel we already know where we will be and how we will get there. We depend so much on our intelligence and exposure. We think we have all the connections in the world and all the money, the fame and the looks to do whatever we want and get just about anything we want.

It might interest you to know that those of us who feel like this are the most confused and the most unhappy people around. We are internally unfulfilled and unsure but we will never let anyone notice.

We are the most vulnerable but no one will ever know because we always seem to be in charge and on top of everything. We seem bold and always calculated but the truth is we are afraid of being taken advantage of. Truth is we are the ones that look over our shoulders,  we cannot trust, it’s not easy for us to love truly, deeply and madly. We are the ones who get scared when we are not sure of the outcome of things, we  easily lose our self-esteem at the slightest change or shift of attention when it’s away from us. We are always afraid of losing because we feel it will take away the essence of who we have become. We do not like to depend on anything or anyone but ourselves.

These are some of the major reasons the rich and famous always have issues with their lives, no matter how hard they try to stay happy and remain fulfilled.

We have lived a lie for so long thinking that our brain, intelligence, beauty, money and connections can satisfy all our needs. How wrong can we be.

I read a portion of the BIBLE  that said “lean not on your own understanding”, and another portion that said “put not your trust in man but unto the Lord”. This might sound religious to you but the truth is I started analyzing the whole thing and it struck a chord.

How do we think we can plan our lives and even purpose successfully when we do not even know what will happen in the next 60 seconds of our lives?

How can we know how we will turn out in the end if we do not even know how long we will live on earth?

Why do we think we can control our lives and other people’s lives as well, when we do not know how we got here in the first place?

I have tried to find out how I was created and till date all I have heard is “only God knows that” . So this tells me that someone else created me, formed me, gave me life, gave me the brain, decided who and what I will be when he wants me to be, knows how long I have to be here on earth, knows who I will meet along the way and things I will do and gave me the children he already knew I would have and how I would have them. He knows what will happen to me every second and I can go on and on.

With this realization I started asking myself: “A t what point in this whole equation did I even get to play a part in the things that concern my life, what part did  I really  play? None!

How is it possible that I can wake up one day and decide that I can plan my life all by myself and make decisions concerning my future all by myself?

How can I actually believe that my intelligence and connections have  been carrying me through my life when I did not play any role in the acquisition of all I have. How can I think I can control my life and the situation around me when I did not create myself. I cannot even provide my own air, I cannot control my heart beat myself, I cannot prevent any mishap because I do not even know when they will happen. I cannot even make everybody love me no matter how beautiful, smart, talented and famous I am. I cannot control what anyone thinks or says,  how on earth can I actually think I have anything under my control?

So how do I make the uncertainty, confusion, fear, worry, doubt, unfulfillment and insecurity disappear?

Very simple! I just need to ask the one who is in charge of everything, to help me.

Why should I stress myself and think so hard, make endless plans, knowing that we cannot control the end result? Why should I give myself so much heartache about how to make money, train my kids, remain relevant, make an impact, acquire more, when it is someone else’s job to do that and He has said I should not worry about it? He said I should relax and He will do all the work but all I have to do is love Him, trust Him, obey Him and believe Him.

Again I ask myself “how hard can that be?”

All the while I was killing myself looking for a better life, better career, international jobs, better schools, more money, a bigger house, and every other thing we all look for, I would spend time, money, energy just to achieve all this. Can you compare that to just loving someone, trusting and believing Him? I choose to relax

Some might say it will not work and I should face reality. I will say “TRY IT FIRST”. This is not the time to twist anyone’s arm to love God, it’s just a piece of advice that I got a while ago. The journey has not been easy but trust me, it has been worth it and I have never met anyone that tried it and failed.

This is not to say you should sit down and not work; far from it. All I am saying is that instead of the struggling and hustling, why not relax and ask for direction, guidance and favour? That way He will not hesitate to bless the work of your hands and send the right people who will help move you forward without breaking a sweat.

I have been around the world, met different people, achieved so many things but through it all nothing can compare with the experience I have had in this new walk with God.

Nobody should ever make anyone feel that loving and trusting God is such a boring chore because it is absolutely not. No one should ever make you think that you need them to get to God. The only middle person there is his son Jesus Christ. No one should make you feel like  you are too sinful and worthless and cannot access God. He is right there with you and  He is waiting for  you to acknowledge Him and accept Him. I cannot wait for you to try it and share the experience with me.

I am not a pastor, neither am I an evangelist. This is the new and improved STELLA DAMASUS, who is not afraid or ashamed to let the world know that loving and trusting God is the best decision you can ever make. This does not mean that I will stop wearing makeup, fixing my hair, wearing nice clothes, meeting people and doing my work.

Contrary to what a lot of churches have said, I can be an entertainer and still love God unconditionally. The world may laugh at me, judge me, even excommunicate me, it really doesn’t matter to me. I insist that loving God does not take away your personality because God gave you the looks, talent, skill and gifts.  It (loving God) just makes your life better, purposeful, joyful, and more successful.

Do not be afraid to make your own decision today because I have seen too many deaths around me and so I know that no one is indispensable, I am not in any way better than those who have died or those who are terminally ill. If God has chosen to spare my life I would rather be on His side and find out what He wants me to do with my time on earth.

So my brothers and sisters, I choose to relax, stop the endless struggle and pursuit of happiness and let God take control of all my affairs.

I honestly believe you should do the same.

God bless you.

Quotes : James 4:17 remember, it is sin to know what you ought to do and then not do it.

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