Finally, a cure for HIV discovered

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By Ekhator Ehi, Vanessa Enofe, Naija Center News

Just as the saying goes that anything that has a beginning must have an end, the end of the dreaded disease, HIV may have come to an end as Temple University Researchers in Philadelphia, United State, discovered an easy way to eliminate HIV virus in human cells.

The virus had killed several carriers before a medicine to suppress and fight it was discovered, but following the new discovery, every carrier of the virus would finally have a cure.

According to the leader of the research team, Dr. Khalili, he said “It’s an important finding because for the first time in laboratory setting we show that the virus can be eradicated from human culture, cell culture, said Dr. Kamel Khalili, who led the research team. They developed molecular tools that can hunt down and delete HIV in cells.

“Basically converting infected cells to un-infected cells and that is very important because the current therapy can not eliminate the virus from cells,”

Dr. Khalili showed a slide with a cell infected with HIV, highlighted in green. Then he showed another slide where the HIV is gone, the result of Temple’s gene surgery.

“We have a cure for HIV elimination. We have a system to eliminate HIV from the cells in the laboratory,” said Dr. Khalili.

Now the next step is to find a way to move the discovery from the lab into animals then people, the groundwork being set for curing HIV.

“Very exciting, it’s very exciting,” said Dr. Khalili.

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