Should Woman be Called Womxn? How Culture War Broods From The US

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March 1st is international women’s day, a day set aside to acknowledge the role of women in our world, their struggles and the constant battle for equality, justice and progress.

The United Nations celebrate great achievements of women and encourage them. However, there seems to be a new battle of course, coming from the United States of America, its a culture war which has constantly ripped the country apart into ideological dissent. Should a Woman be called womxn?

Woman Momaxn
Woman Momaxn. Photo credit: shethepeople

The fact that we have come to debate issues such as this, neglecting the issues of child marriage, pedophilia, rape and sexual assault, and other socio-cultural issues affecting women across the world is an evidence of a new culture war that may soon spread like wildfires to countries which copy and paste the American way of life. It must also be said that such notion to replace women with womxn isn’t totally acceptable by many Americans including Feminists.

The term womxn is seen as an all inclusive term to represent every type of women including transgender folks, non binary, and those who though may be born with male genitalia but feel or identify as women.

America allows all sort of rights as choice. I won’t be surprised if marriages to inanimate objects such as sex toys is legalized and also becomes an issue of debate in the nearest future.

In the nearest future, and I’m not a prophet of doom, if people choose to identify as cat, dog, bear, there would be ideological pursuits to ensure science supports such people to have traits like those animals. By the way, we now have selective science that serves various interests for the dollars.

Firstly, there was the issue of pronunciation and many Left wing scholars in the US had touted the term womyn but the ‘y’ may depict male chromosomes. Many feel just because there’s “men” in “women”, it is only reasonable to not have anything to do with men or be subsumed by men as a symbol of patriarchy.

By and large, the present realities in the US and helped put forward by the Democrats is a yeast that will soon spread. The world has always had two genders before Left wing America started adding dozens more. There could still be more.

The culture war started about 50 years ago in the US and the Left has been winning. Only cultures that stick to their values will prevail against this culture war.

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