How the Technology of Today has Changed the Face of Sports

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Technology is a beast that is constantly growing and advancing. Over the years, it has been used in a variety of applications, including sports. You can see the evidence of tech in the sports industry everywhere. According to a leading sporting gear manufacturer, the use of technology has perfected the equipment design process and the way the game is played. Here are a few of the ways in which technological advances of the 21st century have changed the way we play.

Weather Control is a Real Thing

In 2008, the Olympic Games were held in Beijing, China. They were among the most popular in the world. Millions of people tuned in to watch the events. At one of these events, it looked like rainclouds were incoming. These would have completely ruined the stadium and led to a massive delay in the Games. China wasn’t having any of it, though. Using specialized technology, the clouds were dispersed before they could have an effect on the events of the day. That’s right – we can control the weather. Granted, this is a very risky process that has a very low success rate, but the technology exists.

Better Playing Fields with Less Defects

Back in the day, playing fields didn’t look like they do today. There were numerous defects in the surface. The level wasn’t nearly as smooth as it is now. Athletes used to run the risk of tripping, slipping, falling, and breaking parts of their body every day. Today, ground maintenance is one of the priorities of any stadium or arena. Technological advances like carpet lawns, steamrollers, and other methods of keeping the ground flat, dry, level, and soft have led to far better playing conditions. This has been the cause of fewer accidents on the field and better games.

Increased Profitability for Companies

This is one of the more extended perks of having technology we can work with today. With the internet, it is possible for companies selling sporting gear and fan memorabilia to market their products around the world. It is no longer relegated to the market within that location or area. Instead, fans of the Chicago Red Sox are able to buy their gear even if they live in El Paso. There is just a far wider reach for companies selling items for fans of sporting teams. Just like television helped build a fan base far beyond the stadium, the internet is opening that fan base up to marketing.

Fairer Games for Everyone Involved

Cheating has long been the bane of competition. People have come up with new and improved ways to take performance enhancing drugs and otherwise give themselves a leg up. Today, technology prevents that from happening. Advances in the drug testing process have led to a 99.99% success rate in tests, regardless of the drug used. Sporting commissions are able to rigorously test players for a battery of drugs without having to worry about one slipping through the cracks. This, combined with the many other ways in which tech has revolutionized the sporting world, is why we should never stand in the way of progress.

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