The Unnatural State: Why People With Negative Experiences Act the Way They Do (1)

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People born with a silver spoon or got their lives fixed from the start cannot fully grasp the extent of emotional injury and the rate of alterations in behaviour of people who can’t get their lives fixed.

They assume that such people are just weird and negative, liars, untrustworthy, violent etc because they chose to do so. They do not realize that the Unnatural State is not by their own doing.

The Unnatural State

The Unnatural State
The Unnatural State

The Unnatural State is a situation where normal conditions become abnormal. It is a situation where personal goals fade away due to realities. It is a point where our expectations are pressed by challenges that humble us. It is a state where socio-cultural agreeable standards of happiness is consumed by lack of opportunity.

It is a state where joy is a utopia, where health disappears and substituted by pains and agony. The Unnatural State is when couples desire to have children in a natural way have to wait, it is when graduates have to rely on parents due to unemployment, it is that point when bills are multiplying and debts on the rise. It is a state of war, violence, refugee crisis, lack of parental support and care. It is a state of scarcity, corruption and greed.

Those who come from a Natural State or experience the normal will not have to deal with the emotional imbalance or torture that could impact their attitude. They are often not considerate, bossy and tend to be self-righteous and selfish. They can be mean and lack empathy too. They often consider themselves as smart, better prepared than others and are judgmental. We sometimes want to push them with our own standard of success, and nag at them or reproach them for not measuring up.

They do not realize how much fate, opportunity, location, people, and environment played a role in their lives which may never be the same for others. Understanding the Natural and Unnatural State is about putting oneself in the shoes of others. It is not a justification for unethical conduct or behavioural defect, but it can be the way to helping those in that State overcome the ripple emotional effects that accompany such conditions. A new human behaviour theory.

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