Tips For Passing A Job Interview In Nigeria

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Succeeding in an interview begins with the presentation of a good curriculum vitae and acquiring additional skills! Before attending an Interview, perfect your use of the Computer, especially the use of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Be proficient in them and do have a good mastery of the use of the Internet.

Know your prospective Employer. It is foolhardy, for you to seek employment in a Firm, when you do not know the Founders of the Company, Members of the Board and Management. Know the Company’s logo, mission statement, vision statement and core values. You can find about all these, through insider’s information, or by any good online search engine, like Google. Read extensively about the Company and rehearse answering questions about it.

Almost everything, you want to know is on Google! Many people are looking for Information, but they have them right there in their hands, in their smartphones, but most Young People rarely, “face their books”(permit the cliche), but they are mostly on Facebook.

Be current and know about happenings in Society, if you want to do well in a job interview. One of my former students and now a colleague, got a job as a Lawyer in a Big Bank, just by telling the Interviewers, about Barrack Obama. Learn a lot about current affairs, before going for an interview. To this end, you should watch the news every day. Nobody will ask you movies done by Ramsey Noah or Genevive Nnaji in a Job Interview. They are however likely to ask you question about your Government and Society. Download the Nigerian Newspapers App. on your phone and follow what happens daily. A man who follows is always renewed.

When invited for an interview, through a text message or email, acknowledge receipt of same and indicate you will attend, while thanking them for the Invite. This will give you an amazing edge. You must carry out a well-articulated preparation. If possible, simulate an interview with someone interviewing and test your preparedness. Activities in Life that has far-reaching consequences, must be done with so much precision.

Arrive at the Interview venue at least 30 minutes before time. Never go late. You do not have a second time, to make a first impression. When you do arrive ask questions to see what you are expected to do before time.

Ensure you have a positive online profile before you go for the Interview. Companies believe profiles they see online more than the ones in your CV.

Dress corporately and neatly, preferably in a clean or new suit and well-polished shoes, that are Colour Co-ordinated. The males should have a clean-cut and a clean shave, while females, should have a neat and subdued hairdo! Outlandish and too flamboyant appearances are always a turn-off.

When invited to converse with the Interviewers, knock on the door and do not open, until you are instructed to do so, doing otherwise, might cost you the job. Do not sit, until you are asked to do so and when you do, close your circuit. When asked the first question, keep to the first rule, introduce yourself (name only), answer the question directly, do not digress, or go on a voyage of red herring. Maintain eye contact, with all Interviewers, do not jump to answering questions, answer calmly and with confidence.

Do not argue with the Interviewers, create an atmosphere of congeniality and be amiable in your demeanour.

Follow all instructions in an Interview. Do not do anything outside what is told except it is illegal.

Ensure you smell nice and good with a fresh breath. This is a cardinal element.

Carry the Original copies of your credentials and have multiple copies of same. Carry the Original Copy of your Official ID Card, with multiple photocopies of same. Make sure you have a ready birthday certificate/declaration of age and Certificate of Local Government of Origin with you in the Interview.

If you are given a written test, be very careful with answering question avoid erasure, mutilation of your answer script or tipexing.

When you see someone you know among Members of the Interview Panel be formal and do not betray your emotion that you know him or her.

Always check your email every day, Corporate Businesses are done via Emails. Your Invitation to a Job Interview could also be effected through an email. To this end, you are required to download your Email as an App. in your hand device.

Do not leave the Interview venue until you are told to do so. If a person referred to an interview, always give feedback to the person at every stage of the Interview or selection process including any challenges you are encountering.

If you passed the Interview you and asked to resume work, on the first day at work resume early, dress appropriately and be diligent at work. Many persons have lost their job on their first day in office. Be your best at work.
Good luck!

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