What do men think about you?

WHEN a woman projects a low self-esteem, has poor moral standards and serves as drinking well to every fellow she meets, she is generally treated with very little respect.

Unfortunately, we live in a society that does not vilify men as much for being irresponsible as it does women.

The nickname “player” for a man does not carry the same stigma as the word “slut”.This probably stems from centuries of victimizing the female species.

As a result more ladies are under pressure to go the extra mile to appear ‘sexy’ by being as generous as the women they see on television, a vast contrast from what most men want.

David Ochonogor, an Infotech expert gives a male perspective on how the average man rates a woman.

“What girls do not know is that guys talk a lot. If a chick is lazy or does not know how to behave in public, a dude will spill to his boys while hanging out and nothing the girl says will prove him wrong. But if she’s the type who has her head in the right place, everyone will want to roll with her.”

While some are more liberal in separating loose from wayward, others, like Bayo Esho, are only interested in how proportionate the face and waist-line are with other parts of the body.

“It’s not hard to size a babe up. If she looks good, smells nice and takes care of herself, she’s good to go!

“Because if she is fine” he said, “you will be happy every time you see her and you can take her anywhere because she will not have all those inferiority complex issues.”

Airing a slightly different opinion, Obi Uchendu shares, “A woman’s mind is her treasure.

“There are women everywhere like pure-water. If I am feeling funny I can just go outside and pick one as long as I throw enough money around but to find a sensible woman is very hard. That is why men like us are afraid to get married, nobody wants to enter one chance!” he finished.

Although there are general assumptions on how a woman should comport herself, these are a few more to help keep us on the right track;


a) Become busy

An idle mind is the devil’s workshop. Learn to enjoy reading. I will expand your mind and help you make good desicions.

Master a new skill like tailoring, volunteer at a healthy social club. When you have your hands full with responsibilities, there will be no time for frivolous activities.


b) Grow some standards

Not everyone is allowed to be your friend. If a man or woman talks or tfully walk away and make sure that person never comes within 10 miles again.


touches you in a suggestive manner, you reserve the right to tactfully walk away and make sure that person never comes within 10 miles again.

If your lady friends at work, school, church or other places live carelessly , carefully break ties with them because your friends are a reflection of you. Friendship is not by force.


c) Act like a lady

We know a lot of ’21 century’ ministers and evangelists say it is the heart that matters most in the sight of God but the truth is, you will be addressed the way you dressed.

If you are ever insulted by okada- men who whistle at you when you walk by, it may be a sign that you are not properly dressed and it will help if you stop giving them something to whistle at.

Cover your cleavage and close-up the slit at the back of your dress. When you sit down, cross your knees.


d) Stay in control

In spite of what people say, everyone respects a woman who has enough self-control to abstain from leading a promiscuous lifestyle. Diamonds are rare, so are virgins!

If you have eaten the forbidden fruit, it is never too late to close your legs and buy yourself some dignity.

The people who turn their noses and smirk at you for choosing to be disciplined are not looking out for your best interest .

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