Why women who undergo plastic surgery can never be faithful to a man

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A Twitter user @YomYom_ said why he believes women who get cosmetic surgery to improve their butt can never be devoted.

The gentleman asserted that no woman who has undergone the gruelling and painful procedure of cosmetic surgery is doing so solely for a man’s attention.

He claims that a woman who performs cosmetic surgery is looking for any and all attention, and it’s most definitely not coming from one man.

“You’d be lying to yourself to think someone opened their eyes, went under the knife to have big Bum Bum, go through all that process only to come out and be with ONE Man. LMAO!

Doing yansh = I need all the attention I can get; I’m for the streetz.

It’s that simple!”

Actress Nkechi Blessing initially expressed her opinion on the subject in a post on her Instagram Stories, saying that most women had plastic surgery to feel good about themselves rather than to please or draw attention from males.

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