10 people killed in a boat mishap in Gbajibo Village

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A tragic incident occurred in Gbajibo village of Mokwa Local Government Area in Niger State.

On Sunday, September 10, 2023, a group of people were travelling on the River Niger to a nearby community when a storm hit at around 10:30.

Unfortunately, the boat capsized, resulting in the loss of at least ten lives, with several others remaining missing.

In response to the tragedy, Mr Abdullahi Jibrin Muregi, the zonal Chairman of the Nigerian Red Cross Society, expressed his sympathy to the people of Mokwa Local Government Area.

He urged everyone to prioritize safety measures before and during boat trips to avoid similar accidents.

The recovered bodies have been laid to rest in accordance with Islamic customs.

A boat mishap has occurred in Gbajibo village in Mokwa Local Government Area of Niger State.

The people travelled to the neighbouring Community through River Niger on Sunday, September 10 2023, when they ran into a storm around 10.30.

The boat capsized, killing at least ten people; others are still missing.

In a statement, the zonal Chairman of the Nigerian Red Cross Society, Mr Abdullahi Jibrin Muregi, sympathized with the people of Mokwa Local Government Area of Niger State on the deaths of their people.

He advised the people to always observe high safety before and during boat trips.

According to Islamic rites, all the bodies recovered from the river have been buried.

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