2023: Nigeria's Messiah is not among your favourites, the curse remains

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President Muhammadu Buhari is trying to escape the number one thing he campaigned against and transfer the burden to whoever emerges President - the removal of fuel subsidy. Any government after Buhari is set up for failure irrespective of who your favorite is.

Fast forward to this time in 2023, fuel subsidy is removed, petrol sells for N750 per litre, NLC kicks, hoarding, scarcity and long queues emerge, then protests.

Debt has piled up from Buhari's regime, NNPC is running a non profit business, government can't pay debt and it is now an enemy of the people. Your frontline candidates from the major political parties want subsidy removed. Buhari just set them on a slippery slope, pitching them against the masses by escaping into his Katsina farm as the country is plunged into uncertainty which could lead to something epochal.

I have learned never to drum support or shower praises on man as a coming 'Messiah' for the Nigerian state. At most, you can have relative comparative achievements, but not in the scale of "Atiku is the Man", "Be Obidient and Yusful", "I'm BATIFIED", as if they are coming for redemption. None of them is the anointed one.

Politics is picking a super demon in the cloak of an Angel out of several demons, and where electorates get to pick one.

Therefore, choose your own demon. You will live to watch it act.

Nigeria's political terrain is bedevilled by a curse, whereby even those who mean to do good are incapacitated by the forces of evil in humans, restraining them to not do what they would want. It was Apostle Paul who cried out in the Bible book of Romans against this incapacitation that restraineth from the common good, "I don’t understand what I am doing. For I don’t practice what I want to do, but instead do what I hate.... For I have the desire to do what is right, but I cannot carry it out." Rom 7:15, 18b.

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I'm sorry, none of those you are busy ranting and arguing about will break the curse. That removal of subsidy, na there wahala go start and even you, yes you, will begin to dislike the man you are shouting 'Hosanna' for.

By that time, just like Buhari, the shout will be, "Crucify him". Why? The Curse remains.
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