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45-year-old Armed Robbery Suspect Arrested in Benin

A 45-year-old armed robbery suspect has been arrested by men of the Anti Kidnapping Squad of the Edo state Police command.

The suspect was arrested in a forest around the Benin-Auchi road Bypass in Edo state.

The suspect identified as Obinna Mwigbo is a commercial motorcyclist.

The report revealed that some persons who were going for a church programme some days ago were kidnapped at the Ehor end of the Benin Bypass and led into the forest in the area.

After negotiation, the families of the victims agreed to pay the sum of Four Million naira as ransom.

The total cash was then given to a family member to deliver to the said kidnappers in the bush near the Benin Bypass.

The man who was assigned to deliver the ransom then entered a commercial motorcycle for the sum of Five Thousand Naira to take him to the forest.

The commercial motorcyclist later spotted huge money in the bag the man was holding and decided to forcefully increase the fare to Two Hundred Thousand Naira. The money was paid.

Again, halfway into the forest, the suspect then requested for Five Hundred Thousand Naira or he will abandon the man in the thick forest.

But he later changed his mind and them said, his fare will now be One Million Naira or he will deal with the man holding the money.

The sum of One Million Naira was finally given to him.

The man who was made to deliver the money to the kidnappers then started sensing danger.

Upon sighting some hunters and vigilante members in the bush, he raised alarm from where the suspect was apprehended.

After a search, the total sum of One Million Naira was recovered from him. He was subsequently handed over to the police for further investigation.

Edo state Commissioner of Police, Johnson Babatunde Kokumo said the action of the commercial motorcyclist is laced with criminal intention.

He promised that the police will diligently prosecute the suspect in court.