63-year-old Mother-in-law Accuses Kelvin Iyere, Obaseki’s Former SSA Of Assaulting His Wife

  • says Iyere threatens to kill her daughter if she speaks to the public
  • Usadoh claims Iyere dragged her on the floor before threatening to kill her.

A 63-year-old mother-in-law has accused her daughter’s husband of molesting her daughter on several occasions.

Omoye Usadoh is the mother of Joy Idiaghagbon, the wife of Kelvin Iyere, a former Senior Special Assistant (SSA) to Edo State Governor Godwin Obaseki.

FIJ reports that on February 26, Joy ran to her mother’s house to avoid another assault by her husband.

Omoye Usadoh
Omoye Usadoh, Mother-in-Law allegedly receiving treatment after being dragged on the floor. Image – FIJ

Mrs Usadoh is now claiming Kelvin threatened to kill her daughter and the children after threatening them with a gun. 

The grandmother is also claiming that the former SSA dragged her on the floor, beat her and her other children, the report says.

Kelvin has allegedly been threatening to kill his wife if she reports her molestation to the public.

Not only has Iyere molested his wife, but he has also threatened to kill his mother-in-law, FIJ quotes eyewitnesses.

Kelvin Iyere, for SSA to Edo State Governor.
Kelvin Iyere, former SSA to Edo State Governor.

Usadoh told FIJ that, “Since Kelvin married my daughter, he has been assaulting her. He beats her every day. In fact, my daughter had four children with him forcefully.”

“So, this recent one, I was in my house when my daughter came and told me she was sick and that Kelvin has refused to take care of her.

“Suddenly, Kelvin came to my house to forcefully take his wife after somebody had told him she was with me. He started beating her again, and when I told him to stop beating my daughter, he dragged me on the floor and descended on me.”

The mother-in-law added, “He dragged me on the floor twice. Now, my BP is high. The doctor says it is 200/100. Since then, I haven’t been able to do anything for myself, and I have been falling sick. I don’t know what to do.”

The mother-in-law also said Kelvin came to her house with a gun after finding out she was staying with her. “He came with a gun and threatened to shoot us,” she told the reporter.

Witnesses who collaborated the woman’s story also said Iyere boasted of having connections with the police officers, bragging that nothing would happen if he killed any of them.

Petition Against Kelvin Iyere
Petition Against Kelvin Iyere

Joy’s older sister, Glory Onos, said Iyere had threatened her sister not to speak to the press. 

Glory had petitioned the Edo State Commissioner of Police over the matter on March 3. 

An excerpt from the letter reads, “Sir, I pray you to use your good office to bring Kelvin Iyere to book as the lives of my family members are no longer safe.”

Meanwhile, Kelvin denied the allegations, claiming he had no problem with his wife. 

The former SSA said his sister-in-law, Glory, is only blackmailing him because he had issues with her husband when they were in school.

Glory said Iyere is a liar, adding that the alleged molester only got admission the year her husband graduated.

Iyere told FIJ, “As I speak to you, I am with my wife. We are good. We never had issues. I have never beaten her,” he said in a telephone conversation with FIJ. He then handed the phone over to the wife, who said his husband had never beaten him.

The wife said tersely, with a shaky voice over the phone that “It’s a lie; he has not been beating me.”

Glory is claiming Iyere has threatened his sister not to talk to anyone like a caged animal. 

Joy’s sister also sent a “voice note from her sister crying for help in her days of being assaulted by her husband” to corroborate her claim.

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