Abba Kyari: What Truly Happened Amid All The Rumours

The passing of Abba Kyari, the chief of staff to president Muhammadu Buhari has been received with missed feelings depending on whose divided you belong.

The announcement of Mr. Kyari’s death came as a rude shock to some, especially as a result of the five star treatment he was reported to have received, but to some, it was expected due to his frail health and issues surrounding his age.

His last official assignment was a trip to German, where he accompanied the Minister of Power,  Sale Mamman to sign an investment contract with Siemens, a Munich based multinational conglomerate company.

Abba Kyari
Abba Kyari

Many Nigerians have questioned the rational behind Abba Kyari being part of the delegation, having no prior experience or background in the power or tech-related sector.

It was seen as one of those overbearing show of power by the unobtrusive man behind the throne of the administration of President Muhammad Buhari.

But despite his larger than life image within the circle of power, the University of Cambridge Alumni had his last breath on Friday, April 17, aged 67.

Although the Kanuri born lawyer turned Journalist and Banker has exited the earth, it has not however, put an end to the rumour mill having a field day.

It started with the news of his death two weeks ago which was later debunked, yet again another story was flown about his sacking and replacement as Chief of Staff by President Muhammad Buhari.

Even in death, speculations are still rife on what truly happened to a man, many regarded   as the defacto president of Nigeria. 

Upon testing positive for the dreaded COVID-19 pandemic, the conspiracy theorists went to town with different stories of preferential treatment from the presidential Villa, Abuja.

The speculation ranged from a report of a five- star hospital treating the once upon a time man behind the Aso Rock veil, down to the story of him using one of the two ventilators available at the National Hospital, Abuja. Some stories even suggested that Mr. Kyari passed on over two weeks ago.  

There is no doubt Mr. Kyari was a very powerful figure within the administration, but frankly speaking without  any fear of equivocation or contradiction, it goes with the nature of the job.

Chiefs of staff globally are forces  to be reckoned with in any regime, be it democracy or authoritarian rule, it goes with the office.

Howeve, just like personality varies among the human race, different people handle the office based on the power and influence at the disposal of the office holder.

We all know how Nigerians handle political offices,the eye service phenomenon, overzealous and power drunk government officials, hence the authority or power ascribed to the late Kyari may not be peculiar to him. It’d just in our nature as Nigerians.

In a regime where the president appears to show this “I don’t care attitude” and at best lukewarm in his approval to state and official matters, someone had to take up the mantle of leadership.

If that was the role played by the late unassuming gentleman, then it is, what it is.

Take nothing away from Abba Kyari, amidst all the hates, name calling and rejoice over his death in some quarters, report has it that he was a smart NigeriaN. Whether he used his smartness and intelligence to the collective good of the country and Nigerians, that is left for posterity to judge.     

Abba Kyari is dead and has since being buried according to Islamic injunction. Knowing what truly happened may take a lot of time, perhaps we may never get to know. I will enjoin all Nigerians to respect the dead and channel our  energy towards combating the scourge of Coronavirus.  

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