After 2 Vaccine Jab, You’re Still Not Protected – CDC Warns



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The American centre for disease control has reversed its course on how those who have received a double jab of the Covid-19 vaccine can conduct themselves. Apparently, despite data indicating fewer hospitalizations from Fully vaccinated folks, the CDC is warning that people should not lose guard especially within the US where Covid cases are rising.

Fully vaccinated Americans are now asked to wear masks indoors in places with “substantial or high” transmission (including schools) again.

CDC– Director Dr Rochelle Walensky says “new data” shows “breakthrough cases” of vaccinated individuals can have as much virus to shed and spread as an unvaccinated person.

Many now believe that the vaccines should be regarded as therapeutic because it has proven not to be effective in stopping people from getting Covid, but only reduces the risk of hospitalizations at least for now. As further research comes out, it is still unclear whether there are other outcomes that may arise.

Some Americans now predict another round of lockdown, especially in densely populated cities. The situation is synonymous with other metropolitan cities in Canada, Europe and Asia. Mask mandate might just be with us and probably, we’ll get to adapt, hoping that new mutants don’t get deadly than current ones.

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