Agony As Water Run Dry In Nairobi CBD

Crisis looms as Nairobi Water, and Sewerage Company cuts off the water supply to the entire Central Business District.

In a notice released on Wednesday, the company stated that the move would enable it to repair damaged pipes.

The damage to the water pipes was caused by the construction of the Nairobi Expressway, whose main agenda is to ease traffic congestion.

“Water supply to the entire CBD has been shut down due to pipe damage by the Express Way Contractor. The line has been shut to pave way for repairs. Bear with us as we work to restore supply in the shortest time possible,” read the notice.

Reports indicated that ksh1.2 billion (about $110 million) had been earmarked for the relocation pipes.

Those working within the CBD will have to find alternative water sources for the time being as each business or office was directed to install a handwashing tap by the government. The move aimed to avert the spread of the Covi-19.

The ksh62 billion (approximately $572 million) project has also interrupted the electricity supply in the city.

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