Allow ‘Bad Bandits’ Fight ‘Ugly Ones’, Gumi Advises FG

Islamic cleric, who has been at the forefront of negotiations with bandits, Sheikh Gumi said many of the bandits are willing to dialogue with the federal government and ready to surrender themselves to fight insecurity. He noted that the federal government can employ good bandits to fight the bad ones.

Ahmad Gumi stated this in a telephone interview with THE PUNCH maintained that the government needs to be “proactive with them”.

Sheikh Gumi
Sheikh Gumi giving money to Bandits leaders

“We are always trying to do our best, but you see, you need two hands to shake. You know these people (bandits) need engagements from the government itself,” he said.

If you dialogue with them without the involvement of the government, it is a problem. Government needs to be proactive with them. We have a lot of them that are ready to fight the bad ones.

“Use the bad to fight the ugly, and use the good to fight the bad ones when you’re done with the ugly. Look at Boko Haram, who finished Shekau? Was it not the splinter group? So, it is easy.

“All these agitations you see, if the government can do a splinter group and the splinter group is empowered, every man wants power and money, they will do your job.”

His position has elicited reactions from Nigerians who believes such actions will instigate more criminal elements to engage in crime, hoping they can get a relief or compensation from government.

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