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APC commends Tambuwal for lashing Jonathan


The All Progressives Congress has commended the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Mr. Aminu Tambuwal, for his patriotism and dedication to the nation, following his “principled stand” on the President Goodluck Jonathan administration’s “tepid fight” against corruption.

In a statement in Lagos on Tuesday by its Interim National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the party said the Speaker “exhibited a leadership trait that is rare in these parts” by shunning partisanship to say that the President’s body language did not indicate that he had the political will to fight corruption in the country.

Tambuwal, while speaking at a forum marking the World Anti-Corruption Day in Abuja on Monday, faulted the Jonathan ‘s approach to the anti-graft war while carpeting the anti-corruption agencies of not only being corrupt but looking the other way while indicted fraudsters walk about as free men.

In commending the House of Representatives Speaker, APC said, ”Hon. Tambuwal and President Jonathan belong to the same political party, but this did not deter the Speaker from rising above crass partisanship when the issue involved borders on national interest. This is the stuff of good leadership.

”Hon. Tambuwal has shown that he is indeed the Speaker of the Federal House of Representatives and that the entire country is his constituency, unlike President Jonathan who has transformed himself to a PDP and a sectional leader by viewing serious issues of national importance from the prism of partisanship and sectionalism.”

The party expressed the hope that other Nigerians would emulate Tambuwal

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