Archbishop Obinna speaks on expectations on new Pope

As the world await the election of another Catholic Pontiff, the Archbishop of Owerri Ecclesiastical Province, Dr. Anthony J.V. Obinna, says he expects that the Cardinals will elect somebody that will continue to deal frontally with relativism, secularism, atheism and nihilism of this day and age.

Archbishop Obinna, who bared his mind while speaking with newsmen in Owerri, also reminded all that the church is not a political or social organization.

“The Catholic Church is not a political or social organization. It is essentially a spiritual, mural organism and organization. We don’t pander to what the secular world is thinking or doing”, Obinna said.

The fiery Catholic cleric further reasoned that as far as the secularist and nihilist are concerned, they would want to rubbish not only God, but would like rubbish anything about holiness and virtue.

“They would wish a Pope that will support abortion, contraceptives, the culture of death, women ordination and gay marriages. The Pope we need to get will be the one that continues in the noble, holy, truthful tradition that Christ bequeathed to us”, Obinna said.

On whether it was time for an African Pope, the cleric said: “I am not particularly anxious about it. All I am concerned with is that the Catholic Church, which the family of all humanity. The family of God should be able to have a new a new Pope that will embrace everybody irrespective of colour”.

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