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Armed Robbery Suspect Apprehended By His Victim In Edo

A 26-year-old armed robbery suspect has been apprehended by the victim he robbed and some residents in Ekiomado street, off Okhoro road in Benin city, Edo state.

The report revealed that some alleged armed robbers went on a rampage in Okhoro, Ugbowo and environs in Benin city last night.

They snatched cars and attacked homes.

But this 26 years old suspect identified as Ifeanyi Ani was this morning 17 December 2020 spotted by one of the victims he robbed last night.

But the storyline is that he was seën with the bag he snatched from the victim at gunpoint.

The victim upon sighting him and observing that he was carrying his bag then raised alarm.

The suspect was chased towards Ekiomado street in Okhoro area of Benin city where he was then apprehended.

He was giving the beaten of his life by the mob.

This reporter upon having a clue of the situation called the police who arrived the scene as at press time.

The presence of the policemen prevented the mob from burning the suspect alive.

Speaking, the victim said, four armed men, accosted him around 7.30 pm last night and robbed him at gunpoint.

He said his mobile phones and cash were forcefully carted away by the hoodlums.

He added that as he was walking along Okhoro road this morning, he saw the suspect carrying his bag and was able to recognise him as one of those who attacked and robbed him.

During a search of the bag, some of the personal items of the victim were recovered.

The victim thanked the people for responding quickly to the alarm he raised which led to the apprehension of the suspect.

People gathered around suspect in Benin
Robbery Suspect caught by his victim in Edo State