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Arrested Kidnapper still sleeping six days after taking Tramadol – Police

The Nigerian Police has revealed that six days after a suspected kidnapper who took tramadol was taken into custody, he is still sleeping.

Arrested Kidnapper still sleeping six days after taking Tramadol - Police
The Suspected Kidnapper

The Ondo State Police Command said his identity is yet to be identified since he is yet to wake up.

The incident happened on Sunday in Owo town as the suspect and three other gang members attempted to abduct a pharmaceutical shop owner.

The arrested suspect fell asleep because he took tramadol before embarking on the operation.

According to the police, the gang entered the shop of the businessman with guns with the sole intention of kidnapping him, however,  on sighting them, the owner raised alarm and whisked through the back door.

The police said two of the suspects escaped but the arrested member stumbled while trying to ride on a motorcycle.

The State Police Public Relationship Officer Mr Femi Joseph confirmed the suspect still sleeping.

He said, “As of today (Friday), the suspect had yet to wake up. Maybe he took too much of the drug, that is why he is still sleeping. We have tried all we could to make him regain his consciousness to no avail.

“However, we are still watching him to find out if he is pretending. We are with him and he would face the music no matter how long he is unconscious.”

The Police had said that a 400mg tablet of Tramadol was found in the pocket of the sleeping kidnapper which led to the conclusion that he had taken the drug before the operation.