Banditry, Kidnapping and Illegal Arrests in Nigeria: How Facebook can Come to the Rescue

The entire length and breadth of Nigeria is a sad tale of daily pains and agonies of families and friends of missing persons.

As Boko Haram continues its onslaught in the North East and with a recent collaboration with ISWAP, their age-long method of abducting people for ransom is still very much around.

Insecurity in Nigeria: (Source: dataphyte)
Insecurity in Nigeria: (Source: dataphyte)

Bandits and other Kidnappers have also updated their games and modus operandi. Moreover, forceful arrest and detention of protesters by security agencies and the brutal nature of arrests have prompted the need to have an eye over our loved ones. Facebook and indeed another big tech can come to the rescue.

One particular way by which Facebook can make Nigerians more secure is through the messaging platform, Whatsapp and Messenger.

The social media giant can have a setting that allows people to set their GPS location to be seen by contacts with "last seen".

I personally made this request on a personal Twitter account, @olusocgracia, where I tweeted, "@Facebook can you add a setting on WhatsApp that allows people's GPS location to be seen by contacts just beside "last seen"?

Something like "last seen, Bourdillon, Ikoyi Lagos"

The choice of setting allows individuals the power to decide whether to share their movements with the people they trust most. This may not be opened to every dick and harry, however, members of one's immediate family and close associates can have that privilege.

For businesses, it could also help people who move freely from one house or business location get monitored by their bosses to know where they last visited and hence, they can be traced if they are in danger or if they abscond.

Nigerians are active users of Facebook and Whatsapp. They need the big tech to be more proactive and make them more secure.

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