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Benin Unity Coalition backs BNC on Amnesty for Benin youths

  • calls on Buhari to approve the scholarship and skill acquisition program

The inclusion of Benin Nation into the Presidential Amnesty Program is a case of NO RETREAT, NO SURRENDER! An endorsement of Benin scholarship and skills acquisition lists by Benin National Congress. Being a position by the BENIN UNITY COALITION!, 13th October 2018.

Benin National Congress BNC
Benin National Congress BNC

We in BENIN UNITY COALITION (BUC) call on the President, the Federal Republic of Nigeria His Excellency Muhammadu Buhari to urgently and unconditionally approve the inclusion of Benin youths on the ongoing scholarship and skill acquisition initiated by a foremost pan Benin group – the Benin National Congress on his Excellency’s table at the Presidential Villa. We are unreservedly in support of their agitation and we urge Mr. President not to underrate or undermine this humane appeal backed by Senators and House of Reps members of Edo extraction as well as traditional and religious leadership from Edo State.

We observed with unbridled consternation and unjustifiable exclusion of Benin by the Presidential Amnesty Program office in Abuja from the subsisting phases of the Program’s lofty objectives, and we make bold as to say that the Benin nation is the ‘chief parent’ of all ethnic groups in the Niger Delta region, and a host to the largest gas terminal in West Africa situated in Oben community. The Benin National Congress has been protecting as a vigilante over major oil exploration company headquarters and other federal government MDAs as well as oil and gas pipeline installations in Edo State out of love – for – country

It’s, therefore, an affront, anarchistic to continually exclude us merely because our youths haven’t taken to our struggle or insurgency or troubling oil and gas installations since the pilot scheme started in the year 2009. Instead of threatening oil and gas facilities, the Benin National Congress has been selflessly protecting these national landmarks, and it was high time their efforts were compensated through the approval of their scholarship and skills acquisition lists, else, we – the Benin Unity Coalition will embrace full-scale militant activities, if peaceful and progressive efforts are not rewarded by the Buhari administration.

We wish to state Categorically that the BUC will not fold his arms and allow our youths to suffer from their unfortunate and mischievous exclusion from the amnesty program as we will do everything possible to enable our youths get their rights including grand protest involving caskets and coffins to the Presidential Amnesty Program office.

We are expecting Your Excellency to acceleratedly consider this humane and deserving demand of the Benins, with a view to finding a lasting solution to the problems of violence in the oil-producing area of Edo State.

Cornel Stanley Uwuehi Edoba
– Director of Mobilization,
Benin Unity Coalition (BUC).