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Breaking: 8 New Cases Of Coronavirus Discovered In Nigeria

  • Nigeria has 97 cases altogether

The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control has announced eight new confirmed cases of Coronavirus in Nigeria.

This was disclosed on Saturday via Twitter.

According to NCDC, two were discovered in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), four in Oyo State, one in Kaduna and one in Osun State.

Coronavirus testing

The new discovery has brought the confirmed cases in Nigeria to 97.

NCDC tweeted “Eight new cases of #COVID19 have been reported in Nigeria; 2 in FCT, 4 in Oyo, 1 in Kaduna and 1 in Osun State As at 10:40 pm 28th March there are 97 confirmed cases of #COVID19 reported in Nigeria with 1 death.

“As at 10:40 pm 28th March, there are 97 confirmed cases 1 death For a breakdown of cases by states in real-time, Currently; Lagos- 59 FCT- 16 Ogun- 3 Enugu- 2 Ekiti- 1 Oyo- 7 Edo- 2 Bauchi- 2 Osun-2 Rivers-1 Benue- 1 Kaduna- 1”

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