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Breaking News: Hon. Michael Chinda goes into Coma After head operation- Video

The member of the River State House of Assembly, Hon. Michael Okechukwu who alleged that Governor Rotimi was responsible for the thugs in the house, and who was injured with the fake mace brought in by him and his gang of five lawmakers in a bid to illegally swear in Hon. Bipi as Speaker during last Tuesday fight has gone into coma after a head operation.

Hon. Chinda represents Obio/Akpor constituency of River State. He went into coma on Thursday night soon after undergoing surgeries sustained during the Fracas in the House of Assembly and presently at the Saint Patrick’s Hospital, Ogungbali, Port Harcourt.

According to the information reaching Naija Center News revealed that his condition is critical and he might likely be flown oversea for medical treatment.


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