Call for US assistance, an invitation to colonization – Shehu Sani

Former Kaduna State Senator and a member of the APC, Shehu Sani says an attempt by President Muhammadu Buhari to invite the United States of America to establish the US Africa Command Headquarters in Nigeria is uncalled for.

He berated the African Union as idle and unstrategic as a continental force despite over 60 years of independence by many African states.

Sani Shehu
Shehu Sani

“Over six decades since Independence, African countries should purposefully work together to confront & address their security challenges, while honourably seeking foreign technical assistance. The call for the US to relocate its @USAfricaCommand HQ to Africa is unconscionable, Sani stated.

According to him, if the US relocates, all other power blocs will aim to make Africa another war zone. “Once the US relocates their HQ to Africa, Russia, China, Iran, Saudia, Israel and co would follow suit with establishing their Commands HQs, and then Africa will be militarily Balkanized; then we either become like Korea or like Syria.”

Shehu Sani believes President’s Buhari’s call will breed a new form of colonization. It’s easier to tell and get them to come and when they come, it’s impossible to tell and get them to go out.”

The former Senator’s comment is coming after it became obvious that the security architecture has not been able to effectively tackle the security challenges facing the country. Nigerians, including politicians both within and outside the APC, had called on the FG to seek help.

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