Candace Owens Requests Interview With Putin, Claims Biden Has Mental Health Issues

Popular US Conservative commentator has requested to have Russia President Vladimir Putin as his host on her new show; The Candace Owens Show.

Candace Owens, a strong supporter of Conservative values and former President Donald Trump, believes President Joe Biden is senile and maybe mentally unfit to hold a virtual one on one meeting with the Russian President.

Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden

After over 50 days in office, many believe that the inability of Joe Biden to have a Press conference where he could face tough questions calls for alarm especially from the right wing.

“For obvious mental health reasons, @JoeBiden has declined a public discussion with @KremlinRussia_E.

I would like to publicly invite Vladimir Putin sit down with me for a wide-ranging interview on @thecandaceshow,” Candace Owens tweeted.

Washington had denied the request for a chat with President Putin after Biden referred to Putin as a “killer”. A statement which angered Moscow and set up more tensions between the two countries.

Candace believes it is an embarrassment to have a “senile” American President, “

“Vladimir Putin challenging @JoeBiden to have an open and live discussion with him in front of the world because he knows that senile Biden cannot do that is objectively hilarious.

Knowing that world leaders are openly mocking the sham of our election results is objectively sad.”

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