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Child Rapist Must Face Death Penalty, Senators Vow

Following the persistent rise in child molestation and rape, the Senate on Tuesday advocated for the death penalty for perpetrators of the crime.

Child Rapist Must Face Death Penalty, Senators Vow

The senators moved for the penalty while contributing to a debate on a motion sponsored by Rose Okoh, senator representing Cross River north, on Tuesday.

Okoh had drawn the attention of the upper legislative chamber to the growing rate of rape on children.

In her contribution to the debate, the senator representing Lagos Central Oluremi Tinubu noted that children are very vulnerable to the crime.

“It is very criminal and I think it will warrant a death sentence at this point in time,” she said.

“Most of these acts are done by people living with the victims. They are mostly relatives. It is time we do the right thing to curb this menace.

“Parents should be given orientation on how to raise their children. They should sensitise their children on sex education too.”

On his part, Sekibo lamented that the issues of rape are taken for granted.
“If a man commits sexual abuse on a six-month-old baby, it is criminal. That person ought to be killed not to be sentenced. It has been happening in this country and perpetrators are not punished,” he said.

“Are there no laws? don’t we have departments of governments that are handling these laws? The problem is, when issues are reported, people take it for granted.”

While moving the motion earlier, Oko said six out of 10 children under the age of 18 experience emotional and sexual violence.

“The lack of training of security officers on how to deal with victims of sexual abuse,” she said.

The senators urged the federal government to implement the child rights act and the violence against person prohibition act in a bid to curb sexual abuse against minors.

The lawmakers also urged the judiciary to establish a “national sentencing framework” for child sexual abuse cases.