Children From Hell: Neighbours Breakdown Door To Find Decomposing Body Of Mother Who Died Nine Days Ago In Edo

  • 78-year-old woman has died in a room in mysterious circumstances.
  • God told us not to tell anyone, say children
  • Woman's decomposing body left unattended by children 9 days after death

The children of the deceased reportedly refused to disclose news of her death to neighbours and left the decomposing body in the same apartment for nine days.

The deceased Mrs Agbenese Oshomah resides at No.13, Edemakhiota Street, off Universal Road, Benin City, Edo.

In an exclusive report sourced by standard Gazette crime correspondent Festus Alenkhe, the woman died in her room nine days ago in the presence of her female children, who are between the ages of 58 and 60.

But the children refused to inform neighbours and the landlord of the house that their mother had died.

Neighbours gathered to witness the incident.
Neighbours gathered to witness the incident.

They were still living in the same apartment with the dead body as they went on with their daily activities without any concerns.

Their secret came to life when nosy neighbours who couldn't stand the odour coming from the apartment inquired.

The neighbours forcefully broke into the house and discovered the decomposing body of the woman on the floor.

Mrs Maria Okakah, whose husband owns the house, said, "I have to shout for neighbours to come to our rescue as the odour from the apartment was becoming very offensive.

"I reported the matter to Okhoro Police station, and they went to the house for assessment.

Ambulance hired by neighbour to take the woman to mortuary Children From Hell: Neighbours Breakdown Door To Find Decomposing Body Of Mother Who Died Nine Days Ago In Edo
Ambulance hired by a neighbour to take the woman to a mortuary

"I want the police to investigate the deceased children to know why they were still sleeping in the same house with their mother, who died nine days ago.

"I suspect foul play. My husband brought money to hire an ambulance to take the decomposing body to the mortuary".

The two children, Theresa Zubauru and Grace Osagiede, collectively said God asked them not to inform anyone that their mother had died.

As at press time, an ambulance has been arranged to convey the woman's decomposing body to the mortuary at the expense of the owner of the house.

The police are yet to make a statement on the incident.

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