COZA Rape Allegation: Christian Living In Sin Under Guise Of Grace Will Be Exposed, Says Adeboye

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The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) Enoch Adeboye has finally lent his voice on the allegation against a senior pastor at the Commonwealth of Zion Assembly (COZA)

Adeboye made his position known on Friday night on the case of sexual moralities against Biodun Fatoyinbo of COZA.

COZA Rape Allegation: Christian Living In Sin Under Guise Of Grace Will Be Exposed, Says Adeboye
Buhari and Fashola

The Pastor, quoting many verses in the Bible says Christian who continue living in sin under the guise of grace will be exposed.

A celebrity photographer, Busola Dakolo had accused Fatoyinbo of sexual relations with her without her consent when she was 16 years.

Another former member of the church who was an employee of the church also claimed the Pastor raped her while working at the church branch in Dubai.

Without mentioning a name, the RCCG Pastor spoke on the issue at the monthly Holy Ghost Service. He said whatever is done in secret will be revealed; no matter how long it takes.

Read his full statement below:

I don’t want to comment on some happenings. You know I have always told you when people ask me why don’t you talk? I say I am under authority. The Redeemed Christian Church of God belongs to CAN and we belong to PFN and in CAN we have a president, in PFN, we have a president.

Whatever they say, that is what I have said. That is why I keep my mouth shut but I feel compelled to say some things to those who young, upcoming ministers of God. Everything I will say is from the bible so if you want to criticise what I have said, you have to criticise the bible.

It is written, there is nothing hid that shall not come to the open or made manifest (Mark 4:22). It doesn’t matter how long, you think you’ve done something and it is covered that it will never come to the open? Then you can go and throw away your bible because the one who said this is Jesus Christ. There are people who think that people like me are old fashioned. I agree, I am old fashioned and I am old fashioned because Jesus is old fashioned. God is not fashionable, he only wears light.

Sooner or later, your sins will find you out if you continue in sin under the guise of grace according to Numbers 32 verse 33. It is sure. If you have given your life to Jesus Christ, the blood of Jesus will wash away all your sins but after you gave your life to Jesus, you continue in sin under the guise of grace? As the Lord lives, your sins will find you out.

Abstain from every appearance of evil (Ist Thessalonians 5: 22). The elders say, they want to burn you and you rub yourself with oil and sat near a fire; you have made the job easy. The elders say, they are calling you a thief and you are playing with the child of a goat. The elders say what you are not going to eat, don’t smell.

The bible says if the devil comes to fight you, stand and fight. Resist the devil and he will flee from you. But according to 2nd Timothy 2: 22, when you find yourself facing youthful lust, don’t wait to fight, flee. When you see a sister smiling at you in a coy way, run. Don’t say I’m a great man of God, I’m highly anointed; ask Samson. I know that you will say ‘he has come again, he is an old fashioned man’, I agree. That is what they call me when I say that I will never have a private secretary who is a woman. The private secretary has to be a man because when a woman accuses you of something, nobody is going to listen to you. They will listen to the woman.

When you say where is witness, sister will say do they invite people to such things? When you say ‘how can it be me’? Everybody will say how come it is you that she has mentioned of all the men?

I am old fashioned but I was ordained in 1975 and I’m still surviving. It is better to be old fashioned and live than to be modern and die. I have not said anything, only the bible has been speaking.

Fatoyinbo has since succumbed to public outcry and stepped down from the church.

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