CP Odumosu's Abuse of Power, What Really Happened at Magodo Estate

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The Lagos state commissioner of police, Hakeem Odumosu, ordered the arrest of four security guards on Saturday for their "refusal to admit" him inside Brooks Estate in Magodo.

A police spokesman, Adekunle Ajisebutu, confirmed the news in a statement on Sunday.

He claimed that the commissioner had gone to the estate on Saturday to meet a "strategic partner," but that despite being duly presented, he was refused access by several private security guards.

CP Odumosu
CP Odumosu

"Despite this premeditated humiliation, the senior police officer maintained his composure. When it became clear that the security guys were going too far, the CP ordered the arrest of four security men, leaving one," the statement reads.

Meanwhile, the executives of Magodo residence released a statement detailing what transpired on New Year's day: "It was quite a busy day in the Estate yesterday as many residents had ongoing social events.

"The Estate security operatives on duty, having not had prior knowledge of Mr Odumosu’s visit and in a bid to assist him with directions to the house of his host, sought to ascertain the particular resident he was visiting.

"The Commissioner interpreted this act as an insult on his person and ordered the immediate arrest of all the security operatives on duty even after gaining access into the Estate to attend the party.

"A resident who happens to be a widow that was passing by with her three children was also ordered to be arrested alongside her 3 children by the Commissioner of Police. Her offence was that she tried to intervene to understand the situation."

"The Executives, represented by the Vice-Chairman and the Publicity Secretary, after being briefed of the situation, proceeded to the party to apologise on behalf of the security operatives for any disrespect caused to the Commissioner and plead for the release of the resident, her three children and the security operatives.

The statement continued, "These pleas fell on deaf ears. At this point, the Executives, members of the Estate Security Committee, the Estate CSO and some residents had converged at the Estate gate to plead with the Commissioner on his way out with the hope that his anger would have subsided after enjoying the party.

"To our amazement, the Commissioner came down from the car on his way out, said he was insulted by our estate and further instructed that the remaining security operatives who replaced the arrested ones should also be arrested.

"This resulted in a complete shutdown of the Estate as no one could go in or come out as our Estate gate is automated and the operatives with the access token were all arrested with the token. This further resulted in the traffic jam that occurred on CMD Road for over 4hrs.

"Pleas from a different angle was made to the Commissioner with no yield until about 11 pm when he finally gave in. The estate was finally able to bail the security operatives who were already put in a cell, the resident with her children who were put behind the counter at about 11:30pm," the statement concludes. "

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