Cult War In Edo Spiraling Out Of Control – Residents

  • About 15 people killed so far – Source

Edo State is currently a forest of ghastliness as inhabitants, business owners, parents are living in dread as cult war in the state is spiralling out of control.

The battle between dreaded groups: EIYE, Black Axe and Marphite is driving the vibrant and festive state aground. 

Cult War In Edo Spiraling Out Of Control - Residents
Cultist in Edo State

The issue began on October 30 when a boy supposedly having a connection with Marphite was shot dead at the University of Benin Main Gate by members of the Black Axe. 

The reason for the savagery isn’t known, nonetheless, the violence later spread to another group, EIYE. 

NAIJA CENTER gathered that the Black Axe is battling to fend off EIYE and Marphite, living sacks of dead bodies along. 

Up until this point, it was gathered that around 15 Edo people have been supposedly slaughtered in Ekosodin, Osasogie, Adolor, Uselu, Uwasota, Oluku, Isihor, Ekiadolor and so forth.

A source who pleaded anonymity told NAIJA CENTER that “Benin is no longer safe. The government and security agents should swing into action. 

“Killings heard so far are over 15 and nobody is talking about it”

Another source who did not want to be named due to the violent nature of the situation confirmed the killing but expressed worry that the police has not taken up its responsibilities.

“The war between cult is still very current. The fight started when the members of black axe killed a Marphite guy in UNIBEN since then, there have been silent killings in the state.” The source said.

“It was between Marphite and Black Axe and now Eiye is included. It is now Marphite, Eiye against Black Axe. A lot of the killing is happening in Ugbowo axis. 

“The police is not arrogating its responsibilities. Youths cultists and everyone else are now living in fear, some have even run to other states. 

Another source told NAIJA CENTER that there is war currently brewing in Ekiadolor. He said “Someone told me in UNIBEN yesterday that there was an issue between AIYE and Eiye. I also heard that someone was killed yesterday evening around Ugbowo, closed to UBTH. 

“Public places like bars are suffering the consequences. The places are empty because you don’t know when the gunmen will walk in and shoot people. 

“The worst is that when they don’t find who they are looking for, they rob everyone at the bar. This is December and no one is going out, at 7 pm, everyone is already indoor.”

The Number Of Death Is Not True – Police

Meanwhile the Edo State Public Relations Officer, DSP Chidi Nwabuzor argued that there was no other incident apart from the murder of the boy at UNIBEN gate.

“The number of death you mentioned is not true. The incident happened about two months ago and not as if it is just happening. For some months now, we have not heard about it.

“What happened is this, once there is any cult fight; because these are notable cult groups, people are bound to insinuate and mention names. I must tell you that a young man was killed around the University area, that is about two months ago and there is no other death in the University axis including Ekosodi. I don’t know how they got their figures up to 15 and I don’t know how they got their information that it is Marphite, Eiye or Black Axe.

“Whenever there is a cult fight they hit their targets and disappear. How will you know if they are Marphites, Black Axe or Eiye? They disappear because they know the consequences of their actions that the police will come after them, and that has been the modus operandi. It has been so difficult for the police without the information from spirited individuals to carry out the arrest of these people. 

On whether anyone has been arrested regarding the killing of the youth at the UNIBEN gate, the police said “when it happens like this, there is an administrative way of carrying out an investigation. That is, when a murder happened in an area; when the operatives storm the area, they carry out a random arrest intending to get the culprits. Two persons were arrested and they are under investigation. As you know, if there is no useful information to nailing the so-called suspect, you don’t have to hold them otherwise you are fundamentally violating their rights. 

The Police PRO expressed hopelessness in the case as there is no one willing to give the Police information.

“The matter is so hopeless because when they carry out the dastardly act, they disappear and no one is willing to give information. A cultist in Benin could go to Warri in Delta State and carry out a dastardly act and returned to Benin, one could come from far away from Port Harcourt, Cross River to hit their targets in Edo State. “

Nwabuzor added “All said and done, the police are aware of the murder at the Uniben gate which is still under investigation. As soon as we get useful information, we will continue from where we stopped.”

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