Democracy Day: The Good and the Bad of Buhari Administration

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6 years after the inauguration of the Buhari administration, many of its staunch supporters can count some of the good, which according to them should be celebrated and make the news more than the negatives.

Standard Gazette highlighted some of the good and the bad based on evident realities and general public awareness.

The Bad after 6 years of Buhari Administration

  1. Horrible Security, Banditry, Kidnapping & Fulani Killer Herdsmen Terrorists
  2. Massive loss of lives, properties, businesses & investments
  3. Battered economy and recessions
  4. Massive business collapses and job losses
  5. Unsustainable Borrowing Programmes that has thrown Nigeria into a mega debt traps
  6. Loss of billion US$ FDIs and Investor Confidence
  7. Illegal Fulani dominance against other ethnic groups in Nigeria
  8. Agitation for Self-Determination by Yoruba Nation and Biafra
  9. All the worst things that can happen to a nation are currently happening to Nigeria under the Buhari administration

The Good

  1. Made In Nigeria rice pyramids.
  2. Made In Nigeria helicopters to be commissioned in July this year.
  3. Made In Nigeria train coaches plant currently being built at Kajola, Ogun state.
  4. Made In Nigeria state-of-the-art Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) multipurpose battle trucks for the military.
  5. And now, we have the first Made In Nigeria android phone!
  6. Made In Nigeria electric vehicles, with the first car charging point already established in Sokoto.
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