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Edo State Police Raid Criminal Hideout In Benin

  • recover police AK47 rifle, nine locally made pistoles, 1 English revolver.
  • 3 escapees from Edo prison re-arrested
  • 3 stolen laptop found

In its renewed onslaught against criminal activities in Edo state, the joint security team have raided some criminal hideouts in the state.

Some arms and ammunition including stolen items were recovered.

Crime correspondent Festus Alenkhe reports that one Police Ak47 rifle and several locally made guns were recovered.

The police gun has breach No.5571. Several rounds of live ammunition were recovered.

Also recovered were one English revolver pistol, nine locally made pistols, and one POS terminal, where the operator of the POINT OF SALES shop was robbed in Benin city.

Similarly, three escapees from the correctional centres in Benin city were arrested by the security team. 5 laptops earlier stolen were recovered.

Edo state commissioner of police Johnson Kokumo said the security team will continue to make the state uncomfortable for criminals.

He assured the people of the state of a crime-free yuletide as the police and other security agents have occupied the public space.