Ekweremadu: Fani-Kayode wades in on alleged organ harvesting issue, says David is Lucifer

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Nigerian politician Femi Fani-Kayode criticized David Nwaminyi in a recent article.

Nwaminyi claimed he was 15 when he was taken to the UK by former Deputy Senate President Ike Ekweremadu to donate a kidney to their sick daughter. However, the Metropolitan Police are now looking into his claims.

The Ekweremadus has been detained and charged with "organ harvesting" due to his accusation.

FFK noted that he had done his research on the matter. In his words;

Femi Fani-Kayode a Nigerian former Minister of Aviation

"As I said from the outset, I cannot and will not condemn my friend and brother Senator Ike Ekweremadu and his beautiful wife unless I see the evidence of their wrongdoing or they are convicted by a court of law."

I am convinced there is NO evidence and that they will NOT be convicted.

He maintained that the Metropolitan Police were in haste and acted erroneously. This attempt, according to him, is a racist playbook to demonize and stigmatize Nigeria's public figures

He did not mince words regarding David Nwaminiyi, whom he referred to as Lucifer and evil.

"When I looked into the matter and considered all the facts, including the young man David Nwaminyi's own testimony published on his Facebook page a few hours ago, I asked myself the following questions.

How can this man be so wicked and cruel, and how can he be so ready, willing and able to repay good with evil?

The Ekweremadus needed help, and instead of giving it to them as promised, he sought to take advantage of them, milk them dry, endanger the life of their ailing daughter, send them to jail and utterly destroy them.

Was David not sent to the Ekweremadu family by Lucifer? Is he not the biblical "son of perdition" who takes pleasure in the destruction and misery of others? Is he not the quintessential sadist? Is he not a beast in human flesh?"

"Instead of doing the right and honourable thing and following through on your own part of the deal by helping the young lady or instead of simply saying that you have changed your mind and have elected not to donate your kidney any longer, satan entered your body, spirit and soul, you got other ideas, you sought to make more money, and you started plotting and conceiving evil against those who were depending on you.

You resolved to attempt to send the Ekweremadus to jail for no just cause, far away from home and in a foreign land simply because they were desperate, asked you for help, trusted you, and paid you.

You have destroyed their reputation, and you now want their daughter to die from stress and the inability to get someone else to donate a kidney to her.

You wish to destroy three lives and an entire family just so you can gain political asylum, stay in the UK and live off the state.

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