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Enogie Of Ukhiri’s Palace Burnt Down

Report just coming in now says the palace of the Enogie of Ukhiri on Benin-Abraka road in Ikpoba Okha LOCAL government area of Edo state has been burnt down by some persons in the locality.

In the same palace in Ukhiri, HRH Enogie Godwin Aigbe Was on the 16 of December 2019  attacked by suspected assassins and was in a coma for two months.

After his recovery from the attack, he has not been in the PALACE since then.

Few days ago, the Enogie had mobilised some labourers to clear and renovate the palace for his return so that he can celebrate  this year’s annual UGIE ceremony in the renovated palace. 

The report revealed that some identified persons who have now been reported to the police invaded the palace on Tuesday night and set it ablaze.

A visit by crime  Correspondent Festus Alenkhe to Ukhiri today revealed full destruction of the entire palace by the fire.

It was discovered that some inherited artefects and age long Traditional items in the palace were completely burnt down. 

Investigation revealed that,  the Enogie have been having serious running battle with some persons lately.

In an interview, Enogie Godwin Aigbe said, in his last year’s attack, they almost eliminated him but was kept alive by God.

He said, some persons who  were identified in the 2019 attack on him are also the same people that set his palace on fire.

Enogie Aigbe said, an official report has been lodged with the police authorities for Investigation. 

He appealed to the police to ensure that all those  fingered in the arson are arrested and brought to justice. 

He said, his life is under threat adding that, he became the Enogie of Ukhiri by Premogeniture and wondered why the frequent attacks. 

Enogie of Ukhiri's Palace Burnt down
Enogie of Ukhiri's Palace Burnt down
Enogie of Ukhiri's Palace Burnt down
Enogie of Ukhiri