Exclusive: Woman Bathes Husband With Acid In Benin

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A woman has bathed her husband with a substance suspected to be acid.

Mrs Becky Odion, 29, bathed her husband, Mr Odion, with acid at around 9 pm on Sunday, 14 November 2021.

The incident happened at Idemudia Street, Off Omomon Road, St. Saviour road, Benin City, Edo State.

Becky Odion Exclusive: Woman Bathes Husband With Acid In Benin
Becky Odion, 29, attacked her husband with an Acid attack and escaped.

The couple had been married for six years with one child.

Standard Gazette gathered that the duo had had domestic squabbles, but this particular argument took a different turn.

SG learned that the woman had also reported her husband to the police, but the police played peacemaker by suing for peace.

Standard Gazette learned that the extended families were currently planning on resolving the family squabble before the woman ran out of patients and attacked her husband with acid.

As of press time, members of the vigilante group in the area are making frantic efforts to take Mr Odion to the hospital.

Couples bedroom where Becky poured acid on Odion Exclusive: Woman Bathes Husband With Acid In Benin
Couple’s bedroom, where Becky poured acid on Odion

Residents who have seen his current condition speculated that Mr Odion’s, currently unconscious, chances of survival are slim.

Standard Gazette’s correspondent, Festus Alenkhe, who visited the residence, learned that Becky, a petty trader, escaped a moment after attacking her husband with the acid.

Residents who spoke with our correspondent said they do not know her current whereabouts.

A resident told SG, “I was trying to have my dinner when l heard people shouting in the neighbourhood. I came out to check only to find Mr Odion on the floor. He is not talking again”.

Another eyewitness said, “I saw the woman rushing through the backside of the house towards the tarred road and greeted me while moving fast.

“I never knew she has bathed her husband with acid, and she is lucky we did not find her. The entire body of the man, including his eyes, was bathed with the harmful substance”.

The container used in carrying the acid was still on the floor when our journalist visited the scene.

The police are not informed at the time of the report.

But, the landlord of the house has been advised to lodge the incident at the police station for further investigation.

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